Thank you for helping me restore my usual life

Shauna    May 21, 2013   

I heartedly recommend your,(Dr. Cira's), approach to improving your patients overall problems - meaning: mental, nutritional and physical. This holistic approach is what almost all humans need to maximize their total health on this short visit to planet earth!

Stanford    May 20, 2013   

Before Cira Chiropractic, I had headaches nearly everyday, for the last 20 years. Since I've been coming to Cira Chiropractic, my headaches are almost completely non existent.

Stacy D.    February 17, 2013   

Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. I don't know what we would do without you! You have provided us with so much of your knowledge about health and nutrition. Because of you, we have such a healthy and happy baby. We are so thankful.

Nicole S.    January 29, 2013   

I've been coming to Cira Family Chiropractic for several months now, and Dr. Cira has done wonders with my spine & hip! When I started going to Cira Chiropractic I was unable to work at my job. My job is very physical and suffice it to say, I was very worried. I had mostly hip problems (arthritis & tendonitis), so I was a little pessimistic about Chiropractic care for my issue. I had tried everything prior: rest, stretching exercises, suppliments, acupuncture, ice, heat, ointments. It turns out in a matter of weeks, I was back to work again and on a full schedule! She is truly a master of Chiropractic care. She also gave me exercises to do at home, since I do not have insurance and did not want the extra expense of going to physical therapy. She also gave me occupational therapy advice. She takes the time to speak with me about my current issues and always comes up with an effective response to them.
She truly cares about her patients and this is her focus: To help as many people with chiropractic care as she can in her lifetime--AWESOME!

The office staff, Tony & Sopie are courteous and very organized. Tony has fit me into the schedule and been very flexible when I am running late or need to reschedule.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Cira Family Chiropractic!!!

Erika H.    January 16, 2013   

Friendly, Professional, & Effective. Dr. Cira is great at what she does, and her staff is too. The office is clean and well kept. You are always greeted with a smile, and leave feeling great. This one is a no brainer folks, go see her.

Gabby M.    June 25, 2011   

I have had lower back issues and recurring headaches for years. Dr. Cira is the best, hands down. The previous reviewer nailed it, you truly do want to stay and shoot the stuff with Dr. Cira and staff (Lynn and Tony).

Aside from the superb work they are also very flexible from a scheduling standpoint.

If you have an ache or pain go see her!

Matthew M.    January 15, 2009   

I injured my lower back so bad that I couldn't bend over to touch my toes, getting into an out of my car took almost 30 seconds. Cathy adjusted me, gently at first, for 3 days in a row, and with some massage from Bud, three days later, I am able to walk and get into an out of a my car without pain.

What I like about Cathy most is that she has a holistic approach to healing. In addition to adjustments she can recommend exercises and some basic nutrition counseling that has helped me continue all my outdoor activities.

Saul J.    January 15, 2009   

Cathy Cira is the best. She comes highly recommended to me. As the story goes I got hurt at work and called my insurance up who gave me a list of chiropractors I could see in my area only to later on find out I don't even have that coverage on my insurance. That lady made things worse. I wasn't even in more pain. I walked into her place and it took me 2 hours and crutches to walk out. I called my mom crying. She couldn't believe I didn't call her in the first place. I explained to her I was trying to go through my insurance.

I was able to see Cathy the day I called. She didn't want to touch my back until they took x-rays which was fine by me. I didn't want to experience a relapse of the day before event. The x-rays showed a disc that was being squeezed and she took the time to explain everything! Wow! I really appreciated it.

Tony, the receptionist was awesome as well. Both Cathy and him were beyond helpful. I felt well taken care of. They both helped me find a doctor to get pain meds so I'd be able to finally get some well needed rest. I haven't slept in 2 days and I'm flippin' exhausted. I hadn't seen a doctor in years and finally have insurance (yay) so they took the time to help me figure out where to go and get seen in a timely manner. They just went above and beyond. I'm extremely glad my mom gave me the referral. I know I'm in great hands and will get better asap! Cathy even came in on Saturday to give me an adjustment. I just think the world of this place. They are beyond great. A million thanks!

Shana A.    October 18, 2008   

I LOVE Dr. Cira! I live in San Jose, so I have to really believe in someone’s craft to travel as far as I do for her. Don’t be fooled by how small she is, she’s a strong little cookie! She always seems to know what’s in pain before I say it by the way I’m standing, walking, or lying on her table but she still asks me questions about what I’m feeling to make sure nothing is missed. What’s great about her office is that everyone is so friendly! You might need 10 minutes to be adjusted, but you’ll want to stay half an hour and just gab away. I just love going in! I thought I was doomed to all the aches and pains that comes from being a hairstylist, but Dr. Cira is amazing!

BTW – If you need a massage, see Jeannie at Dr. Cira’s office, she’ll put you right for sure!

Marissa D.    January 6, 2008